Hall of Fame Inductees

The Schola Foundation was founded by dedicated men and women who believed in Catholic education and who contributed their time, talent and treasure to the Foundation. Each year the Board of Directors honors those individuals and entities that reflect the values of Catholic education and

Loyola Catholic School. Nominations to the Hall are submitted each year by the Loyola Community for review and a determination by the Board of Directors. Any nomination should have a deep and long lasting commitment to Loyola Catholic School. The prior year inductees are:


Robert & Mary Lou Fink

Bob and Mary Lou sent their six kids through the Mankato Catholic schools. Additionally, five of Bob and Mary Lou’s grandchildren also attended Loyola. During the 1970s, Bob served on the Mankato Area Catholic Board of Education, a prelude to the Boards for both Good Counsel Academy and Loyola. Mary Lou served as president of the Good Counsel Parent Association. During the 70s, Bob and Mary Lou were also supporters of MACS Nite, and Bob was part of the group that started the Loyola Golf Classic. The Schola Foundation honored Bob in 1987 as a charter member of the Ignatius Loyola Society, in recognition of his commitment to Schola and Catholic schools. The couple was also active in their parishes and with School Sisters of Notre Dame.


Dr. John J. Janc

Dr. Janc was knighted by the French Government in 1986 for his personal achievements in education and for his devotion to educating others. He has been a substitute teacher at Loyola for many years. However, he is more than just a teacher. He is a robust supporter of Loyola’s education. His generosity has made it possible for many students to attend and every year he leaves a bag of school supplies for those who don’t have any. He can be called at 7:45 a.m. and is at the school before 8:00. He shares not only his talents with the students, he shares his gifts and donates every penny he earns from subbing back to the school. The students adore him. His selflessness is inspiring and he has left his mark with the students and staff. Thank you, Dr. Janc, for being humble and kind!


Fr. Burton Pratt

Father Pratt was a quiet leader who taught students patience by example throughout the 1960s. He was a talented artist and photographer, who organized the Loyola Camera Club and installed the school’s first dark room. Always positive and supportive, Fr. Pratt sought the best qualities in every student and was quick to offer praise for them. He served as Associate Pastor at Saints Peter and Paul’s Church from 1954-1975 and then Spiritual Director of Marriage Encounter in Minneapolis from 1975-1984. He was beloved by students, who appreciated his gentle kindness and support throughout their time at Loyola Catholic School


  • Sister Mary Kay Ash, SSND
  • Judy & Jerry Reinbold
  • Patti Stierlen


  • Betty & Jim Sohler
  • Paul Wenner
  • Mary & Gary Zellmer


Schola Founders

  • Joseph M. Abdo
  • Daniel J. Coughlan
  • Pete Etzell
  • Evangeline Fasnacht
  • Frank Gazzola
  • John Marso
  • David Peterson
  • Robert Pierret
  • John Regan
  • James Reynolds


  • Mary Ann Brandt
  • Raymond David Jewison '65
  • Michael Schmitz '73


  • School Sisters of Notre Dame
  • Patrick Bresnan
  • Dan Ireland
  • 2003 State Champion Boys Basketball Team


  • Dan & Kim Rotchadl '75
  • Kathi Cliff
  • Chris Rodgers '89


  • John Keefe '52
  • Charles Dorn '36
  • 2001 Softball Team State Champions


  • Dave Peterson
  • James & Jane Weir
  • Chris Biehn


  • Carmen Madigan, SSND
  • Ruth Arians
  • Jerry Keenan
  • Pat Matecjek


  • Terri McGee
  • Aloys "Del" Eichers '49
  • Fr. Ted Hottinger, S.J. '50
  • Jesuit Community


  • Dale Barrie
  • Fr. Thomas Ryan, CSP '54
  • Joe Fasnacht '54
  • Gene & Peggy Fallenstein '52, '55


  • Charlene Ubl
  • Dan "Barry" Wortel '70
  • Marion Welter, SSND
  • Paul Deegan '54


  • Dominic Klaseus, SSND '46
  • Rene "Fritz" Maes '42
  • Dr. John "Jack" Marso '45
  • Robert "Bob" Pierret
  • James "Jim" Reynolds


  • Joe Abdo '48
  • W. A. "Bill" Brielmaier '49
  • Fred Busch '50
  • Fr. Sam Thomas '53
  • Clair Haefner '54


  • Adrienne Adrian, SSND
  • Dan Coughlan '44
  • Tom Frederick, Sr. '52
  • Hardy Reyerson '61
  • Charlie Shamp '51


  • Cal Carpenter
  • Inez Hoey, SSND
  • Jack Hunziker '39
  • Frank Miler '52
  • 1945 State Champion High School Basketball Team


  • Bill Bresnan '52
  • Fr. Ervin Czarneski S.J.
  • Fr. Joe Fogal '66
  • Mary Donald Miller, SSND
  • Thomas Tacheny '56


  • Evelyn Weisgram
  • Regina Ecker, SSND
  • Richard Landwehr '34
  • Rose Goettl
  • Frank Ryan


  • Wayne "Lefty" Haefner "57
  • Al Mohr
  • Duane Mettler '52
  • Jerome "Red" Sheehan '51


  • June Cummiskey
  • Joe Lyons
  • Vic Shalhoob
  • George Weingartz
  • Ron Wright '49


  • Mary Pia Becker, SSND
  • Phil Costello '32
  • Laurie Hilger
  • Bill Steiner
  • Paul Wieder


  • T. Merritt Coughlan
  • Bill Kindler '38
  • Jim Korth '45
  • A.C. Scheurer
  • Clem Scheurer


  • Dr. Robert Conley
  • Francis (Jim) Deuser '26
  • Hiram Fuller
  • John Hagen
  • Robert Regan